103 Years In The Making

The Four Generations Of Bejnar's

Marcelin Bejnar

Henry Bejnar

Dick Bejnar

Mark Bejnar

Four generations ago, Marcelin M. Bejnar opened his first store in Hamtramck in 1918, after a long journey from a WWI war torn Europe to the United States. 

Like so many, his move would establish deep roots in a new continent for his family for generations to come.  Although, he didn’t know it at the time, he was starting the foundation of a business that would prove to stand through many economic trials, including more wars, the great depression, several recessions, various political climates, the Spanish Flu and now the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Bejnar’s Fine Furniture opened the current showroom at 5665 Auburn Rd. in Shelby Twp. In 1954.  There, second and third generation, Henry & Dick Bejnar worked together to continue to build upon what their father and grandfather, Marcelin, started.  Instruments and music records were also sold at the store during this time until third generation, Dick Bejnar, transitioned to strictly furniture. 

Here, he and son, Mark Bejnar, devoted their energies into providing high quality and uniquely crafted and stylish furniture, along with a non-pushy sales approach, which is appreciated by their loyal community of customers. 

The values passed down going on four generations, is being carried out by the current president and owner, the wife of the late, one-of-a-kind, Mark Bejnar.  Shannon is humbled and grateful to continue to carry that legacy of great men who have gone before her.  Being strengthened, guided, and empowered by faith in her God, she, along with her wonderful team at Bejnar’s, will continue to strive toward excellence in all that they do.  Her vision for Bejnar’s is to be a leader in the industry with sales integrity being of utmost importance.  Along with a strong emphasis on educating and inspiring the consumer through blog posts, social media, community networking and involvement, as well as increasing in-home design services.  The pillars of providing superior products and excellence in customer service will remain with a plant to build upon them in the years to come.

Shannon Bejnar